Below are frequently asked questions about Sink Out Of Sight

They come in two convenient sizes, 30” x 20” that fits most single bowl sinks, and 40” x 20” to fit most double bowl sinks. Each screen can be adjusted into eight additional sizes! Instructions for changing your screen’s size are included in the packaging.
30” x 18“
30” x 16”
28” x 20”
28” x 18”
28” x 16”
26” x 20”
26” x 18”
26” x 16”
40” x 18”
40” x 16”
38” x 20”
38” x 18”
38” x 16”
36” x 20”
36” x 18”
36” x 16”
No need to worry! The screen can be cut with scissors to adjust to your sink without affecting the integrity of the material!
Installation is quick and easy! Sink Out Of Sight Covers attach to your counter with suction cups on each corner, so it will stay in place until you take it off. And removal is easy! Each cover has 4 slits in all 4 corners allowing you to custom the size to fit a _variety of sink openings. Click to download a PDF of Installation Instructions.
Our strong suction cups will adhere to almost any non-porous countertop surface such as granite, ceramic tile, porcelain tile, stainless, quartz, Formica®, Corian®, sealed marble, etc. Clean countertop and suction cups for best adhesion. If suction cups start losing their grip, hand wash them or put in dishwasher and clean countertop thoroughly before re-applying.
Most definitely – it’s what sets it apart from other sink covers! The unique mesh material and patented construction allows liquids to flow right through. You can still use the water, allowing you to wash your hands, grab a glass of water, fill your coffee pot, and much more!
Not at all! Sink Out Of Site Covers are extremely durable. You can even pour hot water or oil directly onto the screen without causing damage! Don’t use bleach.
The screen has three handy, discrete openings in the center, allowing you to clean residue from dishes or anything else and brush it directly into the sink.
No. Sink Out Of Site Covers are NOT meant to be in contact with edible food and are NOT to be used as a strainer for straining foods that will be consumed such as spaghetti, pasta, vegetables, etc.
Sink Out Of Sight Covers can be cleaned in your dishwasher or by hand. Do NOT bleach. Clean the suction cups for best adhesion by hand washing or in dishwasher.
Sink Out Of Sight Covers give you the freedom to have a beautiful, clean kitchen all day long. Entertaining and having pop-in visitors is never a problem when you can instantly camouflage your sink full of unwashed dishes. If you have a drab kitchen in need of a facelift, Sink Out Of Sight adds color and character, creating a beautiful focal point. If you have an old sink that needs to be replaced, it will no longer be an issue. You can hide your old sink with our screens without losing sink functionality!