When you can see dirty dishes or even clothes soaking in the sink, you can’t help but feel a little stressed. If you’re having a party, that unsightly mess is a constant distraction. If you have unexpected guests, dirty dishes can be embarrassing.

Sink Out of Sight lets you quickly hide the mess, lose the stress, and enjoy your time with family and friends! Your kitchen will instantly feel cleaner when the mess is covered by one of our stylish, decorative sink screens!

This is the ONLY sink cover that allows you to use your sink while it is in place!

The Story of How Sink Out of Sight Came to Be

by Ann Marie Galgano, Inventor of Sink Out of Sight

Several years ago, there was a fire in my family’s home.  It was the scariest day of our lives. 

My husband and I, our two boys (ages 4 and 6 at the time), and our two dogs were forced to move into a one-bedroom apartment while our home was being renovated. Between work, the kids, and trying to keep the apartment clean, it was a constant juggling act.

One day, after the kids had settled down and I had finished cleaning for the third time that day, I realized there were dishes in the sink. I had to get caught up with work and just couldn’t do the dishes at that moment. But I couldn’t stop looking at the mess.

There happened to be a decorative towel nearby, so I placed it over the dishes.

A friend stopped by that night to see how we were doing. When she left, I looked at the sink and a light bulb went on. My friend didn’t see the mess. I wasn’t distracted by the mess. I thought to myself, “I’m onto something here!”

That’s when Sink Out of Sight was born! I hope you enjoy the same sense of peace and calm that this product has brought me!

7 Steps to Hide the Mess and Lose the Stress

  1. Choose from four design styles to add color and character to your kitchen.
  2. Choose the right size for your sink, standard (30 inches) or double (40 inches).
  3. Place the suction cups and hand screws in the corner slits for a precise fit.
  4. Use your decorative sink screen all day or just when you have company.
  5. Watch water, small debris, and even boiling hot oil pass through the screen.
  6. Roll it, fold it, and put it away for easy storage after removal from your sink.
  7. Wash your sink screen with soap and water or run it through the dishwasher.

Adds color and character to your kitchen through our vibrant designs.

If you have a drab kitchen in need of a face lift, Sink Out of Sight will create a beautiful focal point.

If you have an old sink that needs to be replaced, it will no longer be an issue. You can hide your old sink with our screens without losing sink functionality!

You can use Sink Out of Sight all day or just when you have company.