Always Be Ready to Entertain With Sink Out Of Sight™!

Sink Out of Sight is a decorative screen that you can place over any size kitchen sink. Choose from 4 scenes to compliment your unique style.

Quickly Cover Your Dirty Dishes

Unexpected guests…no problem.

Sink Out of Sight has you covered for those nights full of unexpected guests with no time to clean and prepare.

Our product stands out from others because you can still use your sink while the screen is in place!

This is the ONLY sink cover that allows you to use your sink while it is in place!

Adds color and character to your kitchen through our vibrant designs.

If you have a drab kitchen in need of a face lift, Sink Out of Sight will create a beautiful focal point.

If you have an old sink that needs to be replaced, it will no longer be an issue. You can hide your old sink with our screens without losing sink functionality!

You can use Sink Out of Sight all day or just when you have company.